LCD modules

LCDNuline is the largest supplier of custom developed LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) modules for the automotive industry in India. The LCD modules are developed as per customer specifications for 2 Wheeler and 4 wheeler instrument clusters and for various other displays in the industry.

We meet the most stringent specifications for automotive industry applications like high temperatures, humidity variations and withstanding vibration. Our LCDs have been tested on various operational parameters like wide viewing angle, high contrast, uniform light intensity and colour.

We have tied up with business partners across the globe to assure our customers of high-quality top-notch products when working with us. We work hand-in-hand with all our suppliers to ascertain customer needs and strive for perfection in delivery.

The LCD panels are produced using technology like Twisted Nematic (TN), High Twisted Nematic (HTN), Super Twisted Nematic (STN), Enhanced Background TN (EBTN), Film compensated STN (FSTN), Advanced STN (ASTN), TN with dye fluid and others. Products include free shaping for dashboard, speedometer, mileage counter, climate control system, car audio, clock, etc.

The LCD modules are available in different versions such as Chip On Board (COB), Chip On Glass (COG), Chip On Foil (COF) and Tape Automatic Bonding (TAB) with integrated controllers and drivers.

We also ensure state-of-the-art display formats that include mono and colour TFT (thin-film transistor) modules for high-resolution needs. Other graphics and segment displays are available in standard and customised variants.