Electronic Components

Electronic componentsOver the past two decades, Nuline has built a strong and reliable network of suppliers for all electronic component requirements. We have established an excellent component sourcing and delivery channel for product development as well as JIT (Just-in-time) production requirement. Through our well-established network in China, South-East Asian countries and other countries globally, we provide access to the gateway of the world’s electronic component market.

Based on customer specifications, we are able to quickly identify the best manufacturer and we conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the quality, production capacity and performance with the help of our specialised engineers and staff who are able to communicate locally.

Furthermore, we regularly source specialised critical components from the rest of the globe like the USA, Japan and parts of Europe.

The components that we source include:

  • All active and passive electronic components
  • Components for R&D and prototyping
  • Components for volume production quantities in trays, tape and reel
  • Special components like TFR, high-wattage resistors and inductors
  • Power supplies, DC-DC convertors
  • Switches, relays and encoders
  • Connectors, sockets, shorting links, pins, crimps
  • Wires of all types and current rating
  • Battery for solar systems, Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries
  • LEDs, LCDs, Backlights – standard and customised
  • CNC tools, special purpose material and laminates
  • Mechanical parts, mounting brackets and fasteners