Racks & Cabinets

racksWe offer standard and customised racks and card frames for housing electronic modules.

The sizes offered are the standard 2U to 15U height and up to 84T wide for rack mounting with handles and a depth of up to 540 mm. Walls and covers can be made of superior high-grade Aluminium sheets or with MS sheet metal along with optional ventilation slots and fan cut-outs.

We also deliver wide range of standard PVC and special grade plastic racks from reputed manufacturers for light weight instrumentation housing requirements with adjustable handles and bottom buses. Heavy weight racks are made of slotted profiles assembled with joints.

Hinged doors and EMC shielding are other options provided as well. The front and rear panels are made of Aluminium sheets, CNC milled to fit the components and connectors in accurate positions. The finishing options are anodized in silver or black or powder-coated as per customer’s preference. Stickers can also be provided.

We have developed side covers with handles using light-weight PVC material that has been CNC machined for perfect fit. They are also painted using a specialised process to ensure scratch-proof finish.

Salient features of our racks and cabinet housing:

  • Wide range of customisation available with respect to material, finish, features, technical specifications, etc.
  • Customised front and rear panels with required finish
  • Text and label engraving using CNC or laser machines
  • Accessories to fulfil mounting an viewing requirements
  • Logos and labels designed and printed on plastic or metal or on stickers