EDWinXP is a product that is marketed by Visionics India, a sister company that is part of the Alpha-Imager group of companies. Visionics India is a Joint venture company with Alpha-Imager and Norlinvest of Sweden.

EDWinXP (Electronic Design for Windows) is a CAD/CAE software package that seamlessly integrates task-oriented modules covering all stages of the electronic circuit design process – right from capturing the idea of a circuit in the form of a schematic diagram to generating a full set of documentation for manufacturing and assembling of PCBs.

edwin6Additionally, the package includes various validation tools that ensure the correctness and integrity of the designed circuits. A design engineer can use this one-stop solution to create an electronic circuit, design the PCB and fabricate the PCB.


The complete design information is stored in the integrated project database that can be simultaneously accessed by the Schematic Diagram Editor, PCB Layout Editor, Fabrication Output Manager and Simulators. Simulators include thermal analysis, electromagnetic analysis, signal integrity analysis and field analysis.

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