Electronics Design Services

Before Nuline Technologies was founded, Alpha-Imager was already an established name in the field of PCB design.

AIPL Once Nuline commenced its operations, Alpha-Imager as a sister concern brought many synergies to the forefront. Through Alpha-Imager and its in-house design team, Nuline is able to provide the entire gamut of EMS services including design & development.

Alpha-Imager was set up on 2 September 1987 as a design house for high-quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). With over 25 years of experience, Alpha-Imager is a force to be reckoned with in the field of high-density multi-layer PCB design. Alpha-Imager boasts of an experienced team of highly qualified and IPC-certified designers who have made a name for themselves with their error-free design and perfection.

Alpha-Imager also uses a wide range of design and analysis tools that help in identifying PCB failures at the design stage itself, thereby eliminating such errors prior to production, saving valuable time and cost during product development leading to best-in-class time-to-market.

The process of validation is multi-fold. All designs are carried out with the correct inputs which are validated at each stage from an exhaustive list that includes net-list, component library, placement and routing. Critical signals are analysed for integrity and impedance characteristics and are then only routed in the appropriate manner.

Alpha-Imager’s specialties are Signal Integrity and Thermal Analysis. These innovative processes eliminate PCB failure during the design stage itself. This is critical to ensuring on-time delivery and something that is never compromised on.

With CAM tools, our designers generate ready-to-manufacture outputs for PCB production and Bare Board testing. Fast prototyping and contract manufacturing are our strengths which have ensured that our customers have been depending on us for their design needs for the past 25 years. We offer high density designs up to 32 layers, digital, analog and power circuits with multiple power planes. CNC milling and engraving services for fast proto PCB development is also offered.

Alpha-Imager uses a wide range of design tools like – EDWinXP, Orcad, Zuken Cadstar, Mentor Graphics Pads, Cadence Allegro DD logos

EDWIN2EDWinXP is an integrated design software for CAD/ EDSpice simulation, thermal analysis, EMI/EMC, Signal integrity analysis and CAM view. For advanced Design and Development needs, read more about EDWinXP.